About Total Group

A Visionary
Business Financial 

Total Group is an aspiring company which prides itself as a new-age professional business service provider. Formerly known as TWS Group, the team was established in 2003 as a total financial service group dedicated to serve corporations of all sizes and industries, helping them achieve their financial goals and alleviating them from one level to another with our expertise in business advisory.

Turning Aspirations
Into Reality

Our Mission

To be the cornerstone in every business under our professional stewardship, providing total and comprehensive financial services in a manner that is simplified and inspired by innovation to unleash all potential, hence ensuring every organization’s sustainability and continual growth.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred and established professional service provider in Malaysia, the 1st to be publicly listed in the country, and the most forward-looking firm which offers employee stock ownership as it grows.

Optimum Solutions,
Uncompromised Quality.

Over the years, our flawless reputation as a professional consultant is the epitome of the highest quality in every aspect, as we work our way towards the cream of the crop in this field.

Known by all for being meticulous, comprehensive, responsive, friendly and true to our words, our unrivalled reliability has launched us to stardom, standing out as one of the most established names in areas of Financial Planning, Tax & Mid-shore Management, Sales & Service Tax (SST), Business Advisory Services, Business Succession, Assurance, Accounting, Liquidation and Tax Audit as well as Individual Tax, Payroll Outsourcing Services and e-TAX submission services. We are a licensed tax agent too as well as a holder of the AOB (Audit Oversight Board) License, and an approved company auditor who are also your best choice for IPO listing or 2nd board to main board elevation.