We provide real hassle-free, one-stop solutions to thousands of our clients from a myriad of industries, including manufacturing, construction, retail, and even non-profit and non-governmental organizations. Whether you are a sole proprietorship, partnership, small or large domestic private limited companies, or even multinational companies, we are set to drive your inspirations and goals into profitable results. We are extremely proud to say that some of our clients have grown to become a competitive force globally or public listed corporations under our guidance.

Corporate Services

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is one of the most crucial components in the financial domain. It is deep rooted in daily operations, either in large or small corporations. These corporations raise capital to be deployed for productive initiatives. The financial calculations that go behind raising and successfully deploying capital is what forms the basis of corporate finance.

Our Corporate Finance team provides a full range of M&A and financial advisory services in relation to acquisitions, divestments and capital raising initiatives.

Our Corporate Finance advisors are able to create the difference mainly due to:

  • We have a professional team of Corporate Finance specialists which are highly talented. We can deploy our members to cater to any situations in the required timeframe.
  • We have extensive industry capabilities paired with vast knowledge in the local market, and a proven track record of advisory in both corporate clients and institutional investors.
  • All of which reflect our ongoing quest for leading practices.

As an experienced deal maker, we offer fully integrated solutions with access to due diligence, tax and post-deal specialists.

Company Secretarial

Our company provides a full range of company secretarial services to look after and conduct all procedural matters as required under the Companies Act 2016.
Sendirian Berhad and Berhad required to have at least one Company Secretary to all companies established in Malaysia. The Company Secretary must be a natural person and a resident in Malaysia and is a member of any one of the prescribed professional bodies or licensed by the SSM (e.g.. LS, MACS, MAICSA and MIA).

Our company secretarial services include:

  • Setting up private limited companies and foreign companies.
  • Maintaining statutory registers and company books.
  • Provision of registered address.
  • Provision of nominee directors.
  • Filing periodic returns and other mandatory submissions.
  • Documenting decisions and resolutions by directors and shareholders on statutory matters.
  • Striking off and winding up of the companies.
Company Incorporation

Information about:

  • Enterprise
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Private Limited Company (SDN BHD)

How to incorporate a company in Malaysia
Some brief points on setting up a company in Malaysia:

  1. Total cost is around RM 3,199 (inclusive of SST). Covers professional fee of a company secretary (always engage a company secretary to avoid the hassle and you will eventually need to engage one post-incorporation anyway). You may be able to get this cheaper but we would always advise retaining as experienced and recommended company secretary instead of taking a risk with an unknown to save RM 200 – RM 300.
  2. Takes around 2-5 working days. Depends on name search issues (anything from two days to three weeks).
  3. Minimum one resident director who is at least eighteen years of age.
  4. Ongoing compliance and filling requirements and various filing requirements with the CCM.

The basic post-incorporation corporate secretarial costs include secretarial retainer fees of approximately RM 100.00 per month and registered office address is Free of Charge.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance. Public share issuance allows a company to raise capital from public investors. The transition from a private to a public company can be an important time for private investors to fully realize gains from their investment as it typically includes share premiums for current private investors. Meanwhile, it also allows public investors to participate in the offering.

An IPO is a big step for a company as it provides the company with access to raising a lot of money. This gives the company a greater ability to grow and expand. The increased transparency and share listing credibility can also be a factor in helping it obtain better terms when seeking borrowed funds as well.

IPO shares of a company are priced through underwriting due diligence. When a company goes public, the previously owned private share ownership converts to public ownership, and the existing private shareholders’ shares become worth the public trading price.

Total Group provides dedicated services directly relating to the three steps towards an IPO which are the Pre-IPO, At IPO and Post IPO and the foundation that must be created to transit a private company into a public company.

  • Facilitating a discussion on whether an IPO is the optimal solution for your company.
  • Planning, Preparation and Implementation of the IPO.
  • Creating the building blocks for a successful IPO.
  • Embedding the reporting and communications for after the successful IPO.

Our straightforward approach of telling it as it is and providing the best advice and guidance is our assurance that you will embark on your IPO journey in the best hands.

Mid-shore Incorporation

A mid-shore incorporation is a company that is registered in a jurisdiction that offers non-resident companies the opportunity to register with a more favourable, interchangeable tax rate while also allowing them to create bank accounts anywhere in the world, falling on the spectrum between traditional offshore jurisdiction and high-tax-rate onshore jurisdictions. Registering in a mid-shore jurisdiction tends to be an especially great option for those who are running international companies with different partners throughout the world.

A Mid-shore Incorporation:

  1. May be a company limited by shares or by guarantee or an unlimited company.
  2. May participate in business activities and enjoy attractive tax benefits provided under the jurisdiction.
  3. May carry out any business that is permitted in any country as long as it is legitimate.
  4. Would need to be licensed if it intends to undertake specific businesses as defined under the jurisdiction, which may include banking, insurance/insurance-related, fund management, leasing, and factoring and company management businesses.
  5. Residents and non-residents of Malaysia are permitted to establish the mid-shore incorporation.
  6. Business transactions must be made in currencies other than the Malaysian Ringgit, except for the purpose of defraying administrative and statutory expenses as well as receiving fees and commissions.
  7. Mid-shore incorporation can own control stakes in a Malaysian domestic company and is also allowed to undertake shipping operations with non-residents.

We separate ourselves from our competition by :

  • Extensive Partner involvement on each engagement
  • Manager and/or Partner always on-site during fieldwork

  • Consistent and experienced professionals
  • Timeliness of communications
  • Proactive approach in addressing complex issues early in the engagement
  • Availability to clients as a specialized resource
  • Professionalism with understanding
  • We are committed to performing the work within a time frame

  • A job done efficiently and at a fair price
  • We take our role as advisers seriously by offering our experience and vision to examine your current situation and suggest approaches to help you achieve long-term goals

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