Why Choose Us

Meticulous, Comprehensive,
Responsive, Friendly.


We are a true one stop business advisory provide a multi-disciplinary approach with vast and pertinent industry knowledge to help clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities.

Committed To Reliability

We take our responsibility seriously in work, and towards the trust our clients place in us, emphasizing our devotion to provide the best and most reliable advisory  built on a strong foundation of solid experience, strong technicality and unwavering professionalism to offer only optimum solutions to clients with quality that is never compromised.


Total Group thrive on concerted efforts by teams of people from radically varied backgrounds brought together, and we draw strength from our differences to create a sustenance that fuel our passion and deliver solutions that are often superior and of great efficacy.

Customer Satisfaction,
Our Top Priority.


We are widely known for assisting companies in their business establishments and maintaining them in good standing. What sets us apart is our versatility. We always considered ourselves as not only a business advisor but also a partner to our clients, and for that, we have done way more than recommending solutions.


We are committed to working closely with our clients as a team that shares mutual goals. We hold tight to our professional integrity while simplifying the process of compliance management to allow our clients to be at ease with the information and solutions we provide to help them to make informed decisions and appropriate judgments.


We are committed to providing rapid responses to attend to various enquiries and requirements from our customers. We are constantly in touch with technological advancement to be able to innovate, thus creating streamlined processes, expedite procedures, greater nimbleness and dexterity.


Led by more than 10 senior chartered accountants, our team of highly aspiring and dedicated professionals can serve clients exceptionally well with the right qualifications for every aspect. With the right skills, knowledge and professionalism, we can acquit the company management from non-strategic business operations, allowing you to focus on your business without having to worry about compliance or taxes.


We are one of the most established firms with cross-nation outreach and a forward-looking mindset to do what has never been done. We have a track record in serving corporations of all sizes and industries, helping them achieve their financial goals and alleviating them from one level to another with our expertise in business advisory.